Drunk or Stoned… {watch the video}… or both?


So, would you rather be drunk or stoned… or both? Of course the more knowledge you have of the effects of each the better, and then of course you have to know yourself and how each effects you personally. And then of course, there is how you are perceived by others. Here is a video of a guy that tests his own cognition by getting stoned one day and performing certain physical and mental tasks, and then performing the same tasks the next day while drunk…

Interesting. But what exactly is the reason for the different effects? Well… that is because the two substances are like comparing apples to oranges. Ethanol (the only kind of alcohol safe to drink) is taken up by glutamate receptors and GABA receptors… both of which are distributed widely throughout the brain… and depresses the nervous system. Whereas THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is taken up by cannabinoid receptors, which are concentrated in certain areas of the brain… mainly the mood and memory areas…. that is to say, the basal ganglia and hippocampus.

It is a fairly simple yet highly accurate comparison to say that ethanol effects motor skills and THC effects cognition, and the more of each having greater effects. But what happens when you combine the two?

Here’s the science…

This study shows that THC levels in the blood plasma nearly doubled in individuals who smoked marijuana and soon after drank the equivalent of a couple of shots of ethanol. The effects of THC were found to take effect sooner and the high was more enjoyable.

This study shows that in mice, the desire to explore was lessened while under the influence of both ethanol and THC, and the ability to remember new objects was also lessened compared to when under the influence of either substance alone.

Interestingly, the equivalent of two shots of ethanol is the amount recommended for drinkers to cut back to if they don’t want to quit entirely and who want to gain the benefits of the healthy effects of ethanol. Keep in mind that ethanol is toxic… and more than about two shots of ethanol counteracts the healthy effects with unhealthy effects.

Smoking Marijuana VS. Vaporizing Marijuana


To burn… or to boil? That is the question. The answer is simple. When smoking marijuana, the temperature is so high that ~90% of the constituents in the combusted smoke are not cannabinoids, and most of those constituents are associated with many potential health risks. But, when vaporizing marijuana, the temperature is low enough that ~90% of the constituents in the vapor are cannabinoids, and this is the desired result especially if using marijuana mostly for its medicinal effects.

Your ideal temperature will vary from other people’s, and might also vary according to what you want from your vape in terms of flavor and effect… but start at a lower temperature and increase until you find your sweet spot. We recommend you choose a vaporizer with an adjustable temperature control… preferably one that shows and allows you to digitally set the exact desired temperature… such as the very highly regarded Volcano DIGIT.

INFOGRAPH SOURCE: www.marijuana.com