Drunk or Stoned… {watch the video}… or both?


So, would you rather be drunk or stoned… or both? Of course the more knowledge you have of the effects of each the better, and then of course you have to know yourself and how each effects you personally. And then of course, there is how you are perceived by others. Here is a video of a guy that tests his own cognition by getting stoned one day and performing certain physical and mental tasks, […]

Smoking Marijuana VS. Vaporizing Marijuana


To burn… or to boil? That is the question. The answer is simple. When smoking marijuana, the temperature is so high that ~90% of the constituents in the combusted smoke are not cannabinoids, and most of those constituents are associated with many potential health risks. But, when vaporizing marijuana, the temperature is low enough that ~90% of the constituents in the vapor are cannabinoids, and this is the desired result especially if using marijuana mostly […]